We started our trade life with the title of Güvenler Tarım Ürünleri in 1995 with grain trade in the old trade exchange of Polatlı. Due to its geographical location and climatic conditions Polatli is one of Turkey’s most important granaries. In our early years, we mainly supplied wheat to flour mills. Since the first day of our establishment, we have made it a principle to not compromise on quality and to provide reliable service to Polatlı farmers. While we are continuing the trade in grain, we signed our dealership agreement with Toros Tarım and became the regional Anatolia regional dealer. We have developed our customer portfolio day by day with the motto of Taurus agriculture, which is our promise to our abundance in the field and we have become a reliable brand known in our region today. As Güvenler Agricultural Products, we have increased our fertilizer sales day by day and today we are a recognized company in our region. As a result of our success in sales as Güvenler Tarım Ürünleri, we received awards in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 in the Middle East region. Today, we are a company that has increased its market share in the region and targeted more. We have embraced our business and future since the day we started our business life, we are innovative in product, service and sector trends and we treat nature, stakeholders and people with respect.

We are currently buying and selling cereals and our Toros Tarım Central Anatolian region dealership in Polatlı New Commodity Exchange. We continue to supply wheat to flour mills and fertilizer trade. Since the first day we have been established as Güvenler Tarım Ürünleri, we act with the consciousness of the existence of humanity and the consciousness of the farmer’s labor and forehead. As a company, we know our mission to provide our farmers and our sector with quality and reliable service and to provide high quality and reliable service to our farmers and our agricultural sector with the latest technology. Thanks to all the farmers we owe the bread in our table.

Yours truly.


We are active in Agricultural Products and its subsidiary sectors. We offer our farmers the products that are produced with the latest technology.
In the long term we know that success passes through quality, we contribute to production in all conditions, we do quality work, we ensure that trust in every way.
We aim to make our work better than the previous one.


We see our esteemed producers, the companies we work with and the employees we serve as a family.
Güvenler Agriculture is a well-known, reliable and well-established company that uses the latest innovations of the sector in technical and economic terms.
The company aims to offer its farmers a quality by continuously expanding the range by continuously increasing the quality of its next job.